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Venus Panties
Horse Pilot

Venus Panties

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"You can wear them even on a date"

A captivating style for optimal silhouette control

The Venus Panties is a technical underwear specially designed to meet the needs of riders.

Laser cut, the fabric is extremely thin, and does not fray. A silicone grip on the belt that allows it to hold perfectly in place and a total absence of stitching ensure the riders maximum comfort for a sport practice without embarrassment.Hypoallergenic, the Venus Panties is also easy to clean and dries very quickly .


  • Ultra breathable
  • Light and soft material for a comfortable and comfortable wear
  • Silicone grip for a perfect fit of the panties
  • Laser cut for ultra flat underwear and seamless finish
  • Stretch fabric and flat seams to avoid irritation or chafing
  • Polygen treatment
  • Easy maintenance and fast drying

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