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LeMieux Ultra Mesh Close Contact Saddle Pad

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LeMieux Ultra Mesh Saddle Pad

Without a doubt the most breathable and lightweight saddle pad from the LeMieux collection. Multi-layered micro-mesh gives a high compression factor offering shock absorption without the bulk. An additional layer of blast foam is integrated into the 3D mesh covering the weight-bearing areas under the saddle meaning a half-pad is not required. This reduces the layering and therefore heat build-up under the saddle.

The hundreds of individual cells that make up the 3D mesh each contain four perforations for the rapid dissipation of heat, enhancing airflow and the wicking effect across the whole surface area of the saddle pad. The inner lining is 100% natural Bamboo which is exceptionally soft, friction-free and known for its heat and sweat management properties

An ideal pad for use in hot and humid conditions or for horses that generally sweat a lot during work.

Info & Care
LeMieux Washing Instructions

Machine washable on normal 30-degree cycle.
Pull into correct shape whilst damp to maintain shape during drying.
Please ensure the washing machine drum is large enough to safely accommodate the pad size.
Please ensure all velcro is closed firmly prior to washing.
Air dry away from heat source (do not tumble).

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