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Puppy Cake Scoops Ice Cream Mix

Puppy Cake Scoops Ice Cream Mix

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This summer, keep your dog cool with Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix! Puppy Scoops is the perfect gift for dog lovers and friends who have dogs and want to feed good dog food. Dog birthdays should be celebrated with cake and ice cream treats! Puppy Scoops are the perfect dog ice cream recipe for ice treats for dogs. More than just dog food, Puppy Cake products are gourmet treats for dogs including our new dog ice cream treats!

Just look at the ingredients in Puppy Scoops frozen dog treats: lactose free whole milk, peanuts, evaporated cane juice, gelatin and salt. All ingredients in our frozen treats for dogs are made in the USA. Whole milk provides natural protein for dogs.

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