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Back On Track Poll Cover w/Velcro Straps

Back On Track Poll Cover w/Velcro Straps

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ack on Track Poll Cover with velcro straps attaches securely to the top of a bridle or halter to help ease tightness and improve comfort in the sensitive poll area.


Back on Track products use a special polypropylene fabric impregnated with ceramic powder. The ceramic powder reflects body heat back in the form of FAR infrared rays to improve circulation and help to relax muscles. By placing the pad on the poll, the therapeutic rays are able to relax the muscles of the head and neck as well as padding the crown piece, making it more comfortable. This could lead to better acceptance of the bit and a more relaxed ride.

  • Small pad with velcro straps can be attached to a bridle or halter crown
  • Ceramic infused fabric reflects body heat back to warm and loosen muscles
  • Not recommended for use on pregnant mares.

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