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Schockemohle Rio Select Anatomic Bridle

Regular price $329.00
Ready-made bridle of the "Anatomic Line - Select & Mix" – all advantages already united in one bridle!
Exclusive design with highest quality workmanship: RIO SELECT meets the highest expectations of an anatomical bridle.
The Mexican noseband features an exceptionally softly padded centre part. The shape of the centre part was adjusted to anatomically suit the horse’s bridge of the nose perfectly, which makes additional fur padding unnecessary. The straps of the noseband and the additional lining of the connecting rings are softly padded to avoid uncomfortable rubbing and pressure marks. A narrow cut pad lines the main buckles and provides extra comfort. The anatomically pre-shaped, narrow head piece has a unique neck area that was especially designed for to the horse's complicated neck anatomy. The distinctive cut and the soft padding reduce the pressure in the neck significantly.
A narrow cut pad lines the main buckles and avoids pressure marks at the jaw.
RIO SELECT is equipped with a curved clincher browband. All parts are also available separately in the “Select & Mix” line.

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