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Heiro 30 Servings

Heiro 30 Servings

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Is this your horse?
  • Chronic sore feet
  • Laminitis
  • Elevated insulin levels
  • Rotated on X-ray
  • Can't be on pasture
  • Cresty neck
  • On Cushing's meds but still foot sore
  • Stays large on little food
  • Painful feet on hard or frozen ground
  • Founder history

* Helps fight laminar injury and stops foot pain caused by seasonal factors:
  • Spring – New grass
  • Summer – Heat
  • Fall – Frosty grass
  • Winter – Hard, frozen ground

* Safe • Certified • Natural
* Equine Wellness Magazine Approved

* Learn the signs of Insulin Resistance and see informative Product Videos in 'Other Info' below
* HEIRO Dealer DVDs feature testimonials, HEIRO study results, product and use information, and how HEIRO can help combat Insulin Resistance – details in 'Other Info' below

HEIRO: Healthy Equine Insulin Rescue Organical. Developed by Dr. Frank Reilly, DVM, to help the rapidly growing number of horses suffering from chronic sore feet with high insulin levels. After two years and hundreds of insulin tests, Dr. Reilly discovered the right combination and concentrations of organicals to make horses more comfortable and help get them back on grass pasture where they were born to graze and play. Contains USDA certified 100% organic herbs, magnesium and vitamin E in a great tasting powder blend. Dosage: Regular schedule - 1 Tablespoon daily mixed with feed in the morning. First time users or if foot sore - 1 Tablespoon twice daily for 10 days, then switch to regular schedule. Measuring scoop included.

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