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eZall Anti-Allergen Shampoo

eZall Anti-Allergen Shampoo

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* Get a sparkling clean, itch-free skin and coat
* eZall Green is tough on dirt, but gentle on animals, you and the Earth
* It’s safe, it’s easy, it works
* Amazing cleaning power, plus leaves coats soft with a fresh scent

eZall Anti-Allergen Shampoo for horses provides extra deep cleaning to help rid the sources that cause rain rot, scratches and girth itch.

All-natural, hypoallergenic shampoo quickly washes away odors and grime without leaving sensitive skin itchy or flaky. eZall Anti Allergen Shampoo is great for manes and tails; leaves hair soft, shiny and fresh.

Save time, money and effort with eZall, the leader in spray-on, rinse-off, bio-based grooming products. They’re tough on dirt, yet gentle on animals and the environment.

eZall is effective without any harsh, drying effects of traditional cleansers. These products deliver consistent results even on the toughest grooming jobs. Just spray and rinse – no scrubbing necessary!

Backed by a 100% Performance Guarantee. All product packaging is also #2 recyclable.

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