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Dream Coat Spray

Dream Coat Spray

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* NEW packaging - slimmer design to fit more on a shelf & 100% recyclable bottles and triggers!
* Produces the ultimate high-glass, show-ring shine with a non-greasy finish
* Outshine your competition
* Non-slip formula, can be applied to saddle area
* Use before braiding to add shine
* Suitable as a preparation prior to braiding

Conditions coat and produces the ultimate show-ring shine on coats, manes and tails. Leaves hair looking soft and sleek while highlighting muscle definition. Great for use before braiding to add shine; leaves no residue. Non-slip formula; can be applied to saddle area.

Use on wet or dry coats, manes and tails.
For wet use: Apply directly after washing with Gallop Shampoo. Spray a fine mist over the body, mane and tail. Wipe with a cloth or brush to achieve an even finish.
For dry use: Remove surface dust and lightly spray.

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