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Veredus: Putting the Horse First

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by Brianna Lozano, 

Hunter/Jumper/Equitation Rider and Stanbridge Associate

In numerous, if not most, disciplines in the equestrian world use protective gear on their large companions and furthermore, every equestrian cares for the well being of their horse.  That is why stanbridge is happy to be carrying Veredus equine boots! A company dedicated to using the latest impact technology and ingenuity, veredus combine both comfort and protection in their equine boots giving them a minimalistic appearance in horse performance while providing maximum comfort. 

Protect the Legs:

Whether you're a show jumper, dressage, or a pleasure rider, horses will experience stress and strain on their legs- it’s the laws of classical physics. For some horses, the strain comes from impact with the ground when exerting energy over a fence, carrying the weight of not only their body, but the riders as well.

 That impact with the ground, created by velocity relative to mass, places extreme force on the point of impact which happens to be the horses front legs. Over time this kind of wear and tear can lead to acute swelling, hairline fractures, and even lameness.Other horses experience the force of a riders body constantly when going through exercise as the body places downward force onto the horse which is held up by all four legs, leading to the injuries previously discussed over time. Not to mention horses, like humans, are not perfect beings, thus they tend to make errors such as tripping or brushing of the legs which can lead to cuts and scrapes that could eventually turn into infections and inturn, lameness. By using an impact absorbing shield of protection such as exercise boots, you are minimizing the potential of impact or athlete error related injury and increasing the potential longevity of a healthy, happy horse.

Veredus Technology:

Veredus boots incorporate the latest technology proven to support and

 ethylene vinyl acetate, is versatile, molding material that is known for its soft, resilient, and compression recovery features that create a shock absorbing effect. This foam used inside of veredus boots acts as a shock absorbing barrier between exerted force of impact and the horses legs. Not only does Eva Foam absorb shock, but provides support to the legs by aiding the tendons of the cannon

 bones in maintaining a structurally sound foundation throughout the ride. The foam is lined with Lycra neoprene which allows the interior of the boot to be comfortable to the touch, yet secure enough to the leg that comfort to the horse is maximized while the thought of boots falling off or shifting during a ride is eliminated. Don’t take it from me, listen to one of the world's most renown show jumpers, Anne Krusinski explain her experience with Veredus boots:

“they're beautifully made they last forever the best thing really besides the quality is the way they fit they always fit the horses that each horse they come in different sizes but there's no extra stuff hanging off and in the way I mean to me they are so modern and and you know they're made for showjumping they're made for athletes"

~Anne Kursinski

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