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TucciTime: The time and effort

boots Tucci

by Brianna Lozano,

Hunter/Equitation Rider and Stanbridge Associate

In a sport where elegance meets precision and grit, equestrians require riding gear that meets and exceeds such characteristics in a new age of competition. While helmets remain the main priority for safety, boots should not be so easily dismayed as the majority of our sport realize the ability to control and work with our legs.

Franco Tucci:‚Äč ‚ÄčThe visionary

page1image498141408TucciTime has risen to the top of equestrian competition footwear due to Franco Tucci’s standards, using only the finest materials and detailed craftsmanship to execute the perfect boot tailored and specialized to every equestrian's needs. Tucci boots are an innovative piece of artwork compared to mass produced boots of the sport. With the use of modern minds of Franco Tucci and old fashioned precise craftsmanship, a boot has finally met the needs of the modern competitor.

‚ÄúThe ‚Äčcollection TucciTime‚Äč has been conceived to match his idea of the ultimate ‚Äčluxury experience‚Äč, to Time. It‚Äôs freedom, simplicity, functional comfort and ageless beauty, it‚Äôs your time to devote to those moments that make you feel alive, savor every emotion. For this we manufacture unique, personal items with their own story and soul, which fits you like your favorite thing.‚ÄĚ~Franco Tucci

From Farm to Finish:

page1image498141680All the calf hides for Tucci boots are preselected from certified farms in Italy and France. Once¬†selected¬†through a long¬†process, the¬†leather is¬†treated to¬†enhance the¬†beauty and¬†suppleness for¬†function and luxury. The leather is finally ready to be crafted by hand into different styles and parts of boots, giving it a custom like fit and unique character with a story and soul. The long process from from to ride separates Tucci from the average boot that just ‚Äėgets the job done‚Äô. Tucci gets the job done while maintaining functional comfort, luxury, and ageless beauty.

Why Ride Tucci: The Technology
Tucci Boots are not just a fashion statement. A lot of time and effort is put into the technical/functional aspects of the boot, creating freedom of movement and extreme wear resistance. The mobility of the boot comes from the softening treatments used on the leather hides. These treatments guarantee the supple, glove-like fit of the leather improving rider to horse contact while maintaining the natural and enhanced durability of the to prevent everyday stress on the boot minimizing wear and tear and creating longevity. The inside of the boot is lined with extra durable leather towards the heel in order to protect the rider and boot while allowing the rider to effortlessly take the boot on and off. To finish the interior a anti-shock/antimicrobial insole is inserted into the footbed of the boot in order to protect the leather from sweat and absorb shock from rider movement. All TucciTime Boots are lined in the back with a breathable rear elastic band to maximize comfort and promote correct leg-to-heel position. The elastic also ensures the boot remains the like-new, tight fit. Tucci footwear combines the art of craftsmanship and innovative technology to leave the rider worrying less about their boot and more about the ride.


Why I Ride Tucci:

I have been riding for 11+ years now, competing in the Hunter/Jumper world so naturally I have gone through more boots than I can count. Out of all the boot brands I have ridden in, never before have I seen such effort and detail be placed into a pair of tall boots like I have with my Tuccis. The boots are timeless beauties, extremely comfortable, and most of all they last. Not many brands today take the time and effort to make products by hand which take away from the overall quality of the product. If I am going to spend the money on a pair of tall boots, I want them to last. A machine does not care whether the boots last, but a skilled artisan hand crafting each boot will. I ride Tucci because I know that the hard workers behind the Tucci brand care about the boot and put forth the time and effort so I don't have to worry about my boots and I can focus on my ride.


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