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Introducing Tonics Boots

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Introducing Tonics Boots
by Brianna Lozano,
Hunter/Equitation Rider and Stanbridge Associate

After a long, painstaking development process and essential input from professional riders, Tonics Equestrian Footwear was born. Tonics boots offer superior functionality and style for today's equestrian athlete, and they deliver both at a competitive price point. 


Different from the Ground Up
It all starts with the footbed

    Tonics Jupiter Boot

The foundation of Tonics riding boots is in their pre-shaped footbed technology, which allows an equestrian athlete to take every step with ​purpose​. Tonics’ focus on stability combined with special shock-absorbing material at both the heel and ball of the foot result in long lasting comfort. Because of this careful combination of materials and construction, a rider is able to perform at a higher level ​longer​. In addition, ventilation in the forefoot and antimicrobial properties throughout help keep a rider's feet cool and comfortable on even the longest horse show days.


Style Meets Performance
A Boot Designed with Today's Rider in Mind

While the foundation of Tonics technology lies in the footbed, the brand's thoughtful, rider-centric design continues throughout the boot. An anatomical ​YKK​ zipper the wraps around the rider’s leg for optimal comfort and durability, and a distinctive soft and grippy leather on the inner calf promotes stability, security, and a confident position in the saddle. The outer leg is finished in durable yet attractive calf leather to create an aesthetically pleasing riding boot-- the perfect balance between elegance and high-performance for hunter, jumper, and eventing athletes alike

   Tonics Jupiter Boot on Rider  

If you have questions about Tonics Boots or would like to see a pair firsthand, stop by the shop, or ​email us! We'd love to help find your perfect fit!

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