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Equestrians with a Personal Touch: ManeJane Spur Straps

Charm Elegance ManeJane Personality Simple Spurs

by Brianna Lozano,

Hunter/Jumper/Equitation Rider and Stanbridge Associate

In recent years, the equestrian world of competition has become less of a uniform based attire to something a rider can make their own and let others in the community know who they are. While tradition is very important in this sport that has been around for centuries, it is just as important to stay true to your own identity and having the freedom to be yourself.


ManeJane Spur Straps are an up and coming personalized touch to your equestrian attire and are growing in popularity due to the simplicity of the personalization that allows riders to remain traditional while adding their statement to their show attire.


A Balance of Simplicity and Personality:

The spur straps themselves are quite simple with standard stainless steel buckles, durable black leather, and lasting leather keepers to hold the extra strap left over in place and out of the way during each rider. What draws riders into these spur straps over your run of the mill straps are the custom made charms added on top of the leather keepers that are just enough personality to catch eyes. 


Like the old saying, sometimes less is more.The charm is by no means gaudy, but is present enough to make a difference in your schooling or show attire.


An Identity for Everyone:

There are not just one or two charms to pick from when it comes to ManeJanes inventory, there are a great deal of choices to pick from and they are constantly coming out with new styles. It’s human nature that no individual is the same so people's personalities are quite unique which is why there are so many choices to choose from when it comes to ManeJane spur straps. page1image1796224

You can select anything from airplanes to paw prints to sharks to martini glasses! Whatever suits your style ManeJane spurs straps are almost guaranteed to have it.


Your identity is what makes you stand out from everyone else and should be worn like a badge of honor. In a sport built on traditions, this is a badge. This is a way for you to show your community who you are in a simple and fun way while keeping the traditional aspects of riding alive! At Stanbridge we recognize that no two customers are the same and thats why we carry such a wide selection of ManeJane spur straps ourselves. Don’t let your personality hide behind the uniform of tradition, make it an addition to the centuries of tradition of this sport and check out Stanbridge's’ selection of ManJane spur straps!

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