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Choosing the Right Fly Spray

fly spray

Tommy Mundall

Stanbridge offers a variety of fly sprays to use during the summer to keep your horse pest free. I was given the opportunity to test the fly sprays we offer in store in my daily horse life. Before I get any further I think it’s important you know a little about me, I have been riding for about 11 years now and I do everything from hunter/jumper, to fox hunting and even a little eventing, needless to say I need a sturdy fly spray to keep me and the horses I ride happy over the summer. 

The first fly spray we offer in store is the Bronco Gold made by Farnam. I consider this to be a baseline fly spray; It works great for everyday riding when the flies are just starting to come out and they aren’t swarming the horse. It even smells great, always good to have in your tack trunk during the summer!

The second fly spray we offer in store is the Pyranha Legacy. I had never heard of this brand before, however this one ended up becoming my everyday fly spray. This stuff works great when the flies are starting to get a little more aggressive and you need your horse to not worry about the flies when you’re riding. This one is a necessity for me during the summer. 

The third fly spray we offer in store is the Espree Aloe Herbal Horse Spray. This fly spray is great because it has aloe vera, sunscreen and coat conditioners built in! This one out of all the ones we have in the store smells the best and really helps to keep the horses coat healthy. I would recommend this one as another baseline spray that really helps to keep the flies at bay while riding.

The fourth spray we offer in store is Mosquito Halt by Farnam. This product was a huge help when I would ride in the field and go on trail rides, it really kept the flies to a minimum so the horse could enjoy its time out of the ring. This one does smell a little more concentrated, but it is my go-to for anything outside of the ring!

The final spray we offer in store is the Absorbine Flys-X I have only used this a handful of times, because of how strong it is. Its labeled as an insecticide so I use it when the flies are abundant and really bothering the horses, this is also very useful for trail riding in the woods or anywhere where the flies may be more densely populated. A great product and very useful for keeping horses happy when the flies are bothersome. 

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